Jul 1, 2011

Party Evening Dresses

Party Evening Dresses
Party Evening Dresses

From the Vault: American Apparel Mount Royal

Hi all,

While I was browsing through my swatches, I saw a couple that I hadn't shown on my blog so I thought I'd show them to you anyway. Better late than never, right?

american apparel aa mount royalAmerican Apparel Mount Royal, two coats in daylight. Mount Royal is a dusty denim blue creme with a hint of indigo. Opacity was great; perfectly opaque in just two coats. And it's dusty! That's probably why I like this color as much as I do.

I haven't worn this for a full manicure so I don't know about the wear. Drying time was good though, I didn't have problems.

Thanks for stopping by!