Jul 25, 2011

Catrice London's Weather Forecast

Hi all!

Hope your enjoying your weekend! In The Netherlands, the weather is finally playing along so we went for a long walk. Anyway, today I have one of the new Catrice polishes for you. Catrice just came with a whole new collection that contains about 32 (!!!!) new colors. This is one of them!

London's Weather Forecast, three coats with one coat of SV. LWF is a medium grey polish with blue undertones and silverish shimmer. I like this color a lot, but hey, I like most greys ;)

Application was okay, although I added about 10 drops of thinner before I started polishing. The polish itself was a bit goopy, so the thinner was really needed. The brush is just about the perfect size for me, not too wide or too thin. I did had a tiny amount of bubbling, which is why I used a coat of SV. LWF is shiny enough to go without a topcoat though!

That's it for today, dear reader! I wish you all a wonderful sunday :)

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OPI Designer Series Radiance & Magic

Today I have the two new OPI Designer Series Radiance and Magic. I honestly feel a little disappointed with these new DS polishes coming out because all the old ones were holo. And there's no holo in these :( But they're still pretty..

Radiance is a silver foil which was opaque in two coats. I actually liked this one a lot

Magic is a sapphire blue with blue and turquoise flecks. This one took 3 coats for full coverage

Radiance and Magic are both nice, but I do hope to see some more holos in the future for their Designer Series collections. Those were awesome!

Radiance is my favorite because it applied so nicely with no streaks. And we tend to have that problem with 'metallic' so I'm pretty impressed with the application.

Well that's all I have for today!

Blue Wave + Antique Cherry Blossom

From the vault. Hope you like them! =)

Materials Used: