Sep 9, 2011

Chanel SoHo Story Strong and Steel

It's almost Friday!

Today I have two nail polishes from Chanel's SoHo Story collection. Being that I'm from New York, when I heard this about this collection, I was quite excited. I ended up purchasing the SoHo de Chanel highlighting and blush powder and the Quadra eye shadow palette in Stupendous; but I didn't even get to try any of them yet -_-

Cute pouches it came in

SoHo de Chanel Highlighting Powders and Blush - I like the brush it came with :D

The Quadra Eye Shadow Palette in Stupdendous

And now the swatches..

Strong is a a deep burgundy brown. On the bottle it looks more burgundy, but on the nails it looks almost black with hints of brown and burgundy shimmer. Very nice color for the Fall

Steel is a charcoal gray-black with silver micro-shimmer. Here's something very interesting; I was applying this during the night time with a very dim lamp on. As I was painting it I noticed that it was looking a little blue-ish to me. I thought my eyes were playing with me. So I decided to take a picture with flash.

(Please click to enlarge)

See those flecks of blue shimmer?! Cool.. (wait.. or is it just me?)

The formula is decent. It was a little thick, but these are highly pigmented. Seriously, one coat did the job, but I'm never comfortable with one coat, always gotta slab on another coat to smooth out any imperfections.

Though I liked both of these colors, they're not at all unique. For $23, I'm sure you can get a ton of polishes that are alike or similar at least. I *believe* these are still available on the website and other department stores that carries Chanel.

Well that's all I have for today!

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CND Rasprerry Parfait with Sugar Sparkle

A few days ago I showed you my CND Effects and from your comments I learned that a lot of you liked the Sugar Sparkle. It is a limited edition for spring/summer 2010. Originally a part of a set with the polish Sweet, but I didn´t like the color of that one much. So I made my own set using Rapberry Parfait, which is gorgeous! How do you like the look of these two?

Před pár dny jsem vám ukázala svoje CND Effects a z vašich komentářů bylo jasné, že vás nejvíce zaujal Sugar Sparkle. Ten je součástí limitované edice pro jaro/léto 2010 společně s lakem Sweet. Ten mě ale moc nezaujal, tak jsem si vytvořila vlastní sadu s Raspberry Parfait, který je úžasný! Jak se vám tahle kombinace líbí?

Rasperry Parfait

Raspberry parfait + Sugar Sparkle