Oct 20, 2011

Orly Snowcone (Sweet Collection 2010)

The last polish that I have from the Sweet collection is described as baby blue creme. Very nice color. But what is far more better, this beauty is a one coater! Yes a pastel that needs only one coat. It applies so smoothly and creamy. Very good pigmentation. I was really suprised. Overall I am very pleased with this collection. When it comes out I will buy the other three too. The polishes are easy to work with, nice spring colors and who could resist the sweet glosses that come with every polish? :)

Poslední lak, který mám z Sweet kolekce je tahle miminkovská modrá. Barvička je moc pěkná, ale co je ještě lepší je fakt, že stačí jen jedna vrstva! Ano, krémový lak, kterému stačí jen jedna vrstva. Krásně se nanáší, až jsem byla překvapená. Celkově se mi tahle kolekce moc líbí, až vyjde, tak si asi pořídím i zbytek. S lakama se dobře pracuje, mají hezké odstíny a kdo by odolal těm sladkým leskům, který má každý lak? :)

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Creative french pedicure toe nail design

Creative toe nail art. French pedicure design with beautiful toe nail art
creative french, originally uploaded by lillies feet.

Creative toe nail art. French pedicure design with beautiful

Massini Slamming Red

Hi all!

How are you all today? I have a very busy weekend - I'll be off to one of my friends bachelorette party so most of my weekend is covered lol. I have a true stunning color for you today: Massini Slamming Red which I got from lovely Ange (thanks dearie!)

Massini Slamming Red, two coats in daylight. Damn, this is a stunning color! It's a gorgeous red with a hint of pink (or is it a deep pink?) with tons of holograpic glitter and glitter particles. I have to add that I'm wearing three (!!) coats of Nubar Diamont over Slamming Red to get it a little bit smooth.. I'll get to that in a little bit. Let's take a closer look at the polish:

Pretty huh?

There is one (quite big) downside to this polish. It dries gritty as hell! Not a bit gritty no.. I put on three coats of topcoat and it still wasn't smooth. I don't like polishes that aren't smooth, but the color.. It's so pretty! So I had it on my nails for three days anyway. And with the grittyness comes.. Yes. A pain in the ass to remove. Oh my lord! It took me 50 minutes of soaking and scrubbing to get this one off. 50 minutes!

To come to a conclusion: The color is stunning and it dries pretty quickly, but be prepared for grittyness and a painful removing process..

What do you think of Massini Slamming Red?

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Some changes...

Hello my dear readers! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday :) I just wanted to tell you about some changes I made on my blog. I should have done these a long time ago, but better now than never.

  • new domain - most important. I changed my domain and I wanted to ask all of you if you could change it in your blogroll. Thank you so much. I hope http://www.all-you-desire.com/ will be easier for you to remember.

  • new mail - I had some problems with my old mail, so now you can drop me a line here: aydcontact @ gmail.com

  • follow me on Twitter - I am on twitter for some time now, but forgot to add a button on my blog :)
I am also working on my pictures, so that they are better and a bit bigger. What do you think about the changes?
One more thing...I will start a giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned!