Jan 4, 2011

Floral And FNA challenge for this week's Theme

(Sorry Guys Late Post)
For this week's challenge, our theme is Black and White! I know some of you are excited! "B/W" when we hear it, there's a lot of concept,things and ideas that comes into our mind! Surprise us and be creative! You can do whatever you want to do, But you can only use the colors Black and White.. Looking forward to seeing your designs! Have Fun!
submit your entries at fabnailarts@yahoo.com
with this format PLEASE...
title of challenge_your name or your blog
Example: bnw_fabnailarts
And resize it!

Hi all, let's take a look at all the fabulous entries for this week's theme challenge FLORAL. we're very happy bec there are a lot of entries. We have more paricipants this week than last week.. thanks a lot guys! Here's all the Fab Art of the week, in no particular order...

And here's my entry... Hope you like them! God Bless

Mushroom nail art design for your new fashion

Mushroom nail art design for your new fashion

Mushroom nail art design for your new fashion

Essence Hypnotic Poison

There was a sale on Essence items at my local store, so I said to myself that I have to try this brand. I know....I am so much behind :) So my first polish from Essence is this mini (it is 5ml, cost me about one dollar) Color and Go in the shade Hypnotic Poison. And I have to say, that I really like it! It looks much better on the nails than in the bottle, which is always a pleasant surprise. This is two coats. I also liked the brush. Now I have to figure out what else I NEED to try from Essence :)
P.S. it looks like I have huuuuuge fingers with this mini polish :D