May 29, 2011

Orly Star Of Bombay

Hi all!

Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday! I'm having issues posting replies so I hope I can fix it by implementing another system or something. Just want you to know that I read every single one of your comments and that I really appreciate the fact you visit my blog and even take the time to read my posts and reply to them. You all make it worth while <3 All went well at work today, although it was a slow start.. Just had to repeat everything and I will have to get used to the new system by using the program. All will be fine, I have lovely coworkers who want to help me!

Today I have one of the Orly Gems for you. I have the complete collection, but I don't even know if I've ever worn one of these polishes. Shame on me! Here is one that popped out while I was searching my helmer: Star of Bombay.

Orly Star of Bombay, two coats. Star of Bombay is a blackened dark blue shimmer. The shimmer is a lighter blue and looks gorgeous, but isn't really visible untill light hits it. Application on this one was like a dream. Opaque in two coats - although I think I could have gotten away with one for opacity. This polish went on smooth, not application issues whatsoever. Dryingtime was good as well.

I tried to take pictures in which you could see the pretty shimmer, but the darkness of this polsh as well. I hope I succeeded.. Anyway, when there's not light hitting the polish, it looks black. Just the slightest bit of light is enough to turn her blue again and to show a tiny bit of the shimmer :)

I played a little with Konad, although I wasn't as good at it as normal. I didn't feel like re-doing this though. Michèle from LACQUERIZED. convinced me to post this, so if you don't like it: It's all her fault! JK <3

I used Color Club Fashion Addict and imageplate M63 for stamping. The color combination is quite nice! The second picture is blurry to show the holo. The image isn't placed right on the nail, I know this.. I failed. Lol!

I got my prize from the contest at The Manicured Manatee in today! Whii! I won the spamapalooza contest, and this is my prize:

Ain't that just the cutest bottles ever?! I'll try to use them sometime soon, but I have a busy week ahead.. I want to take the time for these pretties!

Thanks for stopping by!