May 14, 2011

Nail Art Ideas 2010 - Polka Dot

Polka dots are always fun. There is just no way around it. Dots, polka dots, spots – whatever you call them, they are fun and happy. No one can look at a bunch of polka dots and be sad. It is also nearly impossible not to smile when you see polka dots. They are just happy and cheerful, and usually the people who wear them on their clothes or their nails are just as happy and cheerful.

Nail Art Ideas 2010 - Polka Dot-1If you enjoy polka dots, you can wear them on your nails as easy as you can wear them on your shirt. They are a great way to bring some life to your outfit even if you work in an office where you have to wear a suit. They are just bright enough to make people around you (and you, of course) happy but are not so distracting that they would offend anyone. Polka dots are also very easy to do, and there is no way that anyone would think you’re boring if you’re wearing polka dots on your nails. Instead, they’ll see you as a funny, happy person who they will want to be around.

Nail Art Ideas 2010 - Polka Dot-2To cover your nails with polka dots, you need white, yellow, orange, green, and fuchsia polishes. Start by painting your fingernails white. Then add yellow and green dots. Make them all different sizes. Use the orange polish and add more dots of different sizes. Do the same with the fuchsia polish. Once dry, add your top coat so your polka dots stay happy.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for a wedding dress that really makes a statement, and not the same kind of wedding dress that every other bride will be sporting this year? Have you considered vintage wedding dresses? One of the most popular things about these gowns that they can give your whole wedding a one of a kind charm.

These dresses are always in style with an elegance and grace that many of the newer style wedding dresses just don't have. One of the best things about vintage wedding dresses is that they remind you of a glamorous and more romantic era, when things were so much different than the days that we are living in now. These gowns are getting harder and harder to find as they get older, but if you can find one, you'll see that they are exquisitely. So if you're looking for some great dresses in your area, and need help, here are a few great places to get started.

Look for Vintage Wedding Dresses in Your Own Home

Ask any bride (young or old, married for 50 years or 2), and you'll find that nearly all of them will have their wedding dress packed away in a closet somewhere for nostalgic reasons. This includes our own family. Perhaps the first place you want to look when searching for these dresses is in your own family. Ask some of the women in your family if they still have their wedding dress packed away somewhere, and if you could use it for your own wedding. This is the least expensive and easiest way to find a dress like this. Some changes may need to be made to update it or make it fit your body, but you can have a gorgeous wedding gown with a great back story for your wedding for nearly no cost at all.
How to Find Great Vintage Wedding Dresses

Find Vintage Wedding Dresses in Thrift Shops and Online

Another great place to find dresses like these are in community thrift stores or online. Some may get mad at me when I say this, but you can find great a pretty decent selection of vintage wedding gowns from the 70's and 80's in some of thrift stores that have a style all their own. While the 70's and 80's aren't exactly vintage as in hundreds of years ago, they do have a particular style and craftsmanship that many of the gowns today just don't have. Sometimes you can even find vintage wedding dresses that are much older than that in some of your local thrift shops as well, so be on the lookout. Also, it's important for you to check the Internet for great deals on vintage wedding dresses. After all, what can't you find online these days?

Some Warnings to Heed

You need to be careful when looking at these gowns, and be sure to examine them very closely before you buy. You'll want to avoid dresses that are missing buttons that can't be replaced, obvious stains or huge tears. You need to go with vintage wedding dresses that have been taken care of over the years.

Vintage wedding dresses not only have a timeless elegance and grace that other wedding gowns can't match, but they show off an extraordinary craftsmanship and detailing that many of the wedding dresses today just can't compare with. So if you're just looking for a wedding dress that is not your usual wedding dress, or one that goes great with an older times wedding theme, vintage wedding dresses may be just what you're looking for.

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Night Party Dresses

Night Party Dresses
Night Party Dresses
Night Party Dresses
Night Party Dresses

Comparison Time

Hi all!

It's time for some comparisons again! There are three comparisons again this time, so let's get started.

comparisons gosh purple heart kinetics shall we dance china glaze secret peri-winkle orly cashmere cardigan chanel nouvelle vague orly gumdrop
A little roundup

First up is a comparison between Chanel Nouvelle Vague and Orly Gumdrop.

chanel nouvelle vague limited edition 2010 comparison orly gumdrop turquoise aquaLeft Orly Gumdrop, right Chanel Nouvelle Vague. As you can see, they are dupes! The only difference is the really subtle shimmer that Nouvelle Vague holds and Gumdrop is a teeeeenie bit more blue, but the difference is barely visible. Gumdrop is easier to get your hands on and it's a budget friendly alternative if you want Chanel Nouvelle Vague.

Next up: a coincidental dupe! I bought Kinetics Shall We Dance? at Alice and Jo's havesentials and found out it looked really close to GOSH Purple Heart.

comparison GOSH purple heart duochrome Kinetics Shall we dance?Left GOSH Purple Heart, Kinetics Shall We Dance? on the right. The only difference is the way the light hits these polishes. These polishes are identical. They're both evenly duochrome-y (which I couldn't really capture on the wheel) and have the same smokey dark purple, mossy green colors. These are dupes.

Last but not least of this comparison post, I have two periwinkle cremes for you; China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle and Orly Cashmere Cardigan.

secret peri-winkle china glaze orly cashmere cardigan periwinkle creme comparisonSecret Peri-Winkle on the left, Cashmere Cardigan on the right. Please imagine this is more periwinkle (a tad bit of purple), because the color freaked out my camera. These are not dupes. Secret Peri-Winkle is lighter and a bit dustier than Cashmere Cardigan, while Cashmere Cardigan leans more towards purple. The difference is big enough to justify you owning both ;) These are not dupes.

And of course, to round it all up.. A little summary in the form of a shot of the nailwheel;

comparisons gosh purple heart kinetics shall we dance china glaze secret peri-winkle orly cashmere cardigan chanel nouvelle vague orly gumdrop

These were the comparisons I had for you, dear reader! If you have requests for more comparisons, feel free to ask me!

Thanks for stopping by!