Nov 24, 2010

Franken - Aparecium

Hi all,

This will be a short post since I have a lot on my mind right now and I don't really feel like blogging. It will take me some time to get back in the mood, to call it that way. Anyhow, on to pictures of my very first selfmade franken.

Aparecium, two coats in daylight. The color in this picture is not true to life: it's lighter and more dusty. A bit more like in the next pic, actually.

Aparecium, two coats in daylight. Aparecium is a dusty medium purple frosty with multicolored shimmer that you can only see when you're looking at your nails in direct light. The shimmer is red, silver, purple and blue and very pretty to look at.

The name comes from a spell from Harry Potter that forces invisible ink to show. It was an idea of Natasja to name this franken Aparecium and I found it very suitable because of the hidden shimmer. Thanks, Natasja!

The receipe for this one is approx. three quarters of a bottle of Catrice Just Married (light pink shimmer), about a quarter of a bottle of Color Club Electronica and I used China Glaze Ink to darken the color, since I didn't have a black creme to do it with.

A review on the ManGlaze Frankenjuggs will follow in the future :)

Thanks for stopping by