Dec 5, 2010

Chanel Les Khakis De Chanel Collection

I finally have the Chanel Les Khakis De Chanel collection polishes to show today. I know I'm a wee bit late on these and that they're already sold out and all that junk. My apologies for that.

I went through some trouble trying to obtain these. The Chanel website was giving me trouble when these were released. I ended up calling up a Nordstrom in Seattle to order them.

A lot of people did not find interests in these, but I have an obsession with colors that are out of the ordinary for nails. When I saw swatches of these, I told myself I must have them, and I do not regret buying them at all.

Khaki Brun

Khaki Rose

Khaki Vert

The formula for these were surprisingly good. It was a little thick but it worked out fine for me. All of them were under two coats, they were fully opaque in one coat, very pigmented. But of course I did two out of habit and to even it out. In my opinion, the colors are unique and there are no dupes I can think of for them. I know there are colors that are close it but not quite the same!

Did you guys ended up getting these as well?