Dec 14, 2010

Your natural nails art

f you’re longing for exquisite nails, review some of the long French manicure styles. While your natural nails need only be a ¼” long for the French manicure style to work, having the extra nail length is highly prized by most women. In fact, the emphasis on length is pretty much the standard in fashion from long lashes to long hair legs.
Your natural nails art
Natural nails that strong and have extra length provide you a tremendous number of options to choose from to achieve hands with well manicured nails. When you want to cure problems with your nail growth the first place to start is your diet. Eating healthy according to your body type is the first step, but you can boost your body’s keratin-producing power with dietary supplements formulated especially to strengthen and increase the growth of your nails and hair.
But what if you want to have long nails NOW? Not to fret, acrylic nails can solve the problem, depending on the length you choose, you can get extra glamour as well as a new challenge of learning how to maneuver objects without breaking your nails.
When you are dressing for a special event where you will wear open-toe heels, complete your look by coordinating your exquisite nails done with a long French manicure with a French pedicure for a total glam effect. A French pedicure looks fabulous and it’s one of the simplest ways to add a finishing touch to your style and look great with any color shoe your wear.