Apr 1, 2011

Essence Cute As Hell Collection

Hi all!

How was your weekend? I have a post for you with pictures that have been sitting on my computer for almost two weeks now. I got the Essence Cute as Hell Collection from a very sweet blogger, who offered to send them to me when I was nagging about it on Twitter. Thanks so much J! <3 On to the pics, four different shades so a lot to cover here.

Naughty But Nice, three coats. As you can see, I had issues with bubbling with this one. In the second picture, I'm wearing one coat of Nubar Diamont to fix the bubbles. Naughty But Nice is a soft pastel yellow. I'm not really into yellows, but I like this one.

Not Just Cute, three coats. Again, I had issues with bubbling so I'm wearing one coat of Nubar Diamont in the second coat to get rid of the bubbles. Not Just Cute is a light pink creme. Nothing unique, but it's a cute color.

Bad Girl, three coats. I had major bubbles with this one. Bad Girl is a soft muted orange creme. Pretty, and I don't think I've seen anything that looks alike.. Although I don't own much orange polishes.

Date Me!, two coats. This is my favorite of the bunch. Can you guess why? Date Me! is a soft, dusty lilac or light purple. I really love this shade. I'm sure it's dupeable, but I haven't found any dupes in my stash. If anyone knows, tell me! I'm sure I will be wearing this more often. Application on this one was a lot better, I didn't even have bubbles. This was also the only twocoater in this collection.

Overall, I like the colors of this collection. They really are 'Cute as Hell'. I didn't like the application. On three of the four polishes I had bubbling issues, so I had to apply Diamont to smooth it out. Drying time was ok. The application of these was a lot less than the application of the Moonlight Collection polishes, which were released in fall 2009.

The colors are not entirely unique. I noticed one of them looked a lot like one of my other polishes; OPI Got a Date To-Knight!, so I did a little comparison.

Could you tell which one is which? I certainly can't and since I forgot to write it down, I don't even know which polish is on which finger. These are dupes of eachother. I'd go with the OPI polish though, since I haven't had bubble issues with Got a Date To-Knight!.

Essence Cute as Hell is available at DM in Germany. Unfortunately, Essence didn't release this collection in The Netherlands. Boo!! *insert evil eye here*.

What do you think of Essence Cute As Hell? Do you know of a dupe of Date Me!?

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