Apr 25, 2011

ORLY Cosmic FX Collection

Today I have the Orly's Cosmic FX collection. This collection is freaking AMAZING. That's all I have to say. But it is by far the hardest collection to capture in picture. These have to be seen in person to appreciate the beauty. And I'm sure majority of you already have these in hands? lol I'm just very late in posting these. But I've tried my best

Below: Space Cadet. It is a brown, green, purple duo-chrome. Very strong duo-chrome. My first picture is in natural lights and shows the duo-chrome at its best. Second picture is in an angle to show the green. And third picture is in artificial light which shows the brownish purple. And last picture is in direct sunlight.

Below: Galaxy Girl. It is a plumish purple with silver and turquoise blue flecks. First picture is under natural light which shows most of the colors. Second picture is in direct sunlight, and last picture is under artificial lights.

Below: Lunar Eclipse. A vibrant blue with silver flecks and slight purple/pink duo-chrome. First picture under artificial lights shows all the blue. Second picture in direct sunlight and last picture is natural light to show the slight pink and purple, which is barely noticeable in the picture.

Below: Halley's Comet. A turquoise with silver flecks. Very nice and shimmery, almost metallic like.

Below: It's Not Rocket Science. A swampy green with silver flecks. Yes, same as China Glaze Zombie Zest, and SpaRitual Optical Illusion. But I *feel* that this one is a brighter green.

Below: Out of This World. Vampy purple with silver and purple flecks.

Formula on these were perfect. All of them were done under three coats, though it was good with two. But I like it to have more depths to photo better and look better. I have a little more patience when it comes to my nails. I had no problems with application at all. No mess no fuss. My favorite is Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl, and Lunar Eclipse. The three duo-chromes in this collection, what do you know? Haha.

Well that's all I have for today, enjoy your weekend!