May 22, 2011

DECK OF NAILS! *nail art foil*

Hi all! Just a quick post for my nail Foil Notd, yay the mailman surprised me this morning... My printed nail art foil arrived sooner than I expected! Thank you very much enamelgirl ... you are so sweet! I love them all! You better check out her blog.. She's very creative, the first time that I saw her foil design, I was so amazed. She's very good in making nail foil design...
I immediately tried it once it arrived.

Here are some pictures I got from her blog, look how perfect and pretty the way she does her nail foil design...

My Naked Nails! =)
Materials Used:
thefaceshop yellow yl 702
konad m70 image plate
black special polish
thefaceshop top coat

And here's my cousin's nail art Criz which I made.. Not only girls can wear nail art... boys also can.. Hehehe
Materials Used:
allue "black night out"
white special polish
bm 17, bm13,bm07 "bundle monster" i.p
b116,b52 "fauxnad" i.p

b52,b53 "bundle monster"i.p
bm13,b116 "fauxnad" i.p