Jun 20, 2011

Bridal (French) Nail Art

Choose the colors of Light pink or Pearly whites. Your hands and nails look picture-perfect on any occasion and it's fun to use
your imagination for a little excitement and special effects. *You do not have have to limit yourself to just two colors ....
Experiment and get creative, and make it as conservative or as funky as you want it to be. Ideas that complement the wedding
 style can come from many sources depend on what the bride wants to have.  It could be the overall color scheme shown below,
 the flowers, a detail of her dress or a special piece of heirloom jewelry she will be wearing.   

It’s likely that pastel colors will never go out of style. Find a shimmery lilac or lavender, a dainty pink, peach or rose,
or try other pale pastel shades. For an extra creative touch, apply an iridescent, glossy, pearly or glittery topcoat.
Or, for a modern twist, introduce a delicate white on your tips and enjoy a unique new French manicure.