Jun 11, 2011

LA Girl Rockstar Punk

Hi all!

How are you all doing today? I've had a long day due to public transport, but I'm as happy as a 5 year old in a candy store. Why? Because I got my own dot com! You can visit my blog now through www.nailswatches.com. I'm so happy!

Today I have a polish for you that has been in my Helmer since forever. I bought these because I loooooved the swatches I saw, but didn't feel like putting them on. What a shame! So this week I pulled LA Girl Rockstar Punk out of my Helmer.

Note: I broke a nail last weekend, so I filed them all a bit so I wouldn't have a freaky long pinky nail lol. I do have some material with pics in which I still have long nails, so don't be scared, it's just a little time jump!

On to the pics!

LA Girl Punk in daylight

LA Girl Punk indoors, three coats. LA Girl Rockstar Punk is a glass flecked slightly duochrome-y blue. The polish is extremely shiny, so you won't need any topcoat for that! The finish is so awesome. Look at it:

So extremely pretty! I don't have any other words for this. And yes, I said it's duochrome! Not too much and only visible in certain angles and lighting, but still there and very pretty. Here are some pics to show you:

Crappy picture, but see? It's purple!! Wheee!!

In the bottle you can clearly see it's both blue and purple. It even flashes a little green in some angles, but this was impossible for me to capture.

As for the application, this was flawless! This is three coats and the polish was just perfect for me in terms of structure. It dried a little slow though, so it could use a quickry topcoat to fix it, but other than that, I'm satisfied!

What do you think of Punk? Do you own any of the LA Girl Rockstar polishes?

Thanks for stopping by!