Jul 5, 2011

China Glaze DV8

Hi all!

Whew it's getting hot in The Netherlands! Hot and sunny means.. Holographic polishes! They look stunning in sunlight and for this occasion I decided to pull out China Glaze DV8, which I bought when I went polish hunting at the China Glaze wholesale.

china glaze omg collection holographic DV8 tealChina Glaze DV8, two coats in the shade. DV8 is a stunning teal holographic polish that is opaque in two smooth coats. The polish can show you ridges since it's kinda 'flat' on the nails (I don't know how to describe this properly) so you might need to use a good ridgefiller before you paint your nails.

What's a holo without sunlight? Right, nothing!

china glaze dv8 omg collection holographic tealchina glaze omg collection holographic holo teal dv8China Glaze DV8, two coats in indirect and direct sunlight. Shiiiiiiiine! Me likez! Personally, I prefer the finish of the Kaleidoscopes over these, but it still is pretty.

Application was good, since the structure of this polish is just right and dries quickly. DV8 is part of the China Glaze OMG collection that contains 11 other holographic polishes.

Thanks for stopping by!