Aug 12, 2011

Bundle Monster Image Plate (BM)

Hi all, I haven't been able to update for the past two weeks bec. typhoon "basyang" damaged our smartbro canopy,leaving us with no internet connection for almost two weeks.. two days of no classes, lots of trees and electrical posts were destroyed. But thank God, everything is ok now..
anyway..These are the bundle monster image plates, I edited them one by one just to make the full design visible. Those who like it and are planning to purchase them... It's a good pick! But one thing I don't like about BM plates, the edges are sharp... I just improvised to lessen the risk of getting cut.. Just take a look at the photo.. At the back side of the image plate, i placed a piece of maskin tape with enough size that would cover the other side of the plate... as simple as that... I think this is the best thing we can do to prevent minor accidents when using the plates.. :)

hope it helps!

Happy Weekend Everyone!