Aug 1, 2011

MAC Fall Trend F/W 2010

Greetings all! Today I have the MAC Fall Trend for Fall and Winter collection by Jin Soon. I can tell you right now that when I received my order I was disappointed just by looking at the bottles. But to my surprise this collection is actually gorgeous. Six gorgeous shimmers packed with a lot of flecks. The colors weren't disappointing either, although some colors weren't at all unique.

These are still available at the MAC website for $13 each. And before I show you my swatches, I have to say their formula improved for this collection. It applied perfectly, and fully opaque in two coats. It wasn't thick or thin, but in between. I don't regret buying all of them after all lol

Rain of Flowers is a plum purple base with blue and purple flecks

Ming Blue is a true blue packed with turquoise and blue fleck shimmers. Looking at the bottle it looked darker than I expected. Once applied on the nails it came out to a beautiful blue.

Jade Dragon is an emerald green with green and silver flecks

Imperial Flower is a bright orange shimmer with gold flecks

Earthly Harmony is a gray beige with gold flecks. The gold flecks are hardly noticeable on the nails though

Concubine is a dark red shimmer packed with red and gold flecks. This one took me by surprise. I was expecting a boring red but it was actually a darker shade of red. It looked perfect for the fall.

So there you have it. Would any of you be buying these? Or if you already did, which one is your favorite? I have to say Ming Blue, Jade Dragon, Earthly Harmony, and Concubine are my favorites. I like Imperial Flower but oranges doesn't look that great on my skin tone. Rain of Flowers I've seen a lot of similar ones so it didn't really impress me all that much.

That is all I have for today!

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