Sep 1, 2011

Models Own Misty Grey

Hi all!

Although the weather was nice and sunny over here today, I decided to swatch some more Models Own polishes that I got in with various orders. Today I have Misty Grey for you.

Models Own Misty Grey, three coats in daylight. Misty Grey is exactly as the name states - a misty grey creme. Although mist would be less opaque, I think they came up with a name that summarizes the polish pretty well! The polish was a bit on the thick side, but other than that application was fine. I really like these misty, foggy colors. I don't think I own a polish that is a dupe for Misty Grey.

I'm planning on doing more swatching to complete my "Models Own polish database", but life got busy when I started working again.

Thanks for stopping by!