Sep 27, 2011

"Treasures of the Orient"

So my friend from work, Alicia, came over to my house to get some nail art done and she had this idea for the tackiest nails she could think of...with an asian twist. Yes we are both asian, so I helped with a couple of ideas, but she was all over it. "Sushi! Bubble tea! Fortune cookie!..." Funnily enought, most of the ideas ended up being food related. Aw well. So I present to you her "Treasure of the Orient" nails (click on pics to enlarge):

Top hand (left to right)-pinkie: take out food box, ring: noodle bowl with chopsticks, middle: sushi, pointer: fortune cookie.

Bottom hand (left to right)-pointer: pochocco, middle: 2 grains of rice, ring: kikkoman soy sauce package, pinky: strawberry pocky sticks

left: bubble tea, right: school girl

This idea was not meant to be offensive, obviously. We're asian and these are all the things we love about our cultures...only on nails. Hope you enjoyed :)