Oct 8, 2011

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Hi all,

As promised, a post with tons of pictures! I finally wore China Glaze Ruby Pumps last week, after being an untried for ages! I'm a bit ashamed of myself.. Well, on to the pics!

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, four coats. I could have done three, but macro is the source of all evil so I did 4 to eliminate VNL. Ruby Pumps is a gorgeous ruby red polish with awesome glitter. She looks like the red sister of Emerald Sparkle, though I don´t think Ruby Pumps is that much of a jelly. She is gorgeous! Application was very good, the polish dried quickly as well so I don´t have any complaints on this polish.

A picture taken from another angle:

*sings Isn't she lovely* so hot. This picture was taken indoors, without direct lighting.

This is, without question, a musthave! Certainly for red polish lovers.

What do you think of Ruby Pumps? Do you own a bottle of her yourself?

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