Aug 9, 2011

High Heels Shoes

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We are convinced that the ’squishier’ the footbed is, the more comfortable the heel will be. While the squishy-ness feels fantastic at first, the honeymoon period is short-lived, the comfort is gone, and your high heels are thrown into the back of your closet. In reality, soft, squishy footbeds wear over time and often times provide little support. When shoe shopping, search for brands who have a good reputation in foot care. With the innovative technology available today, highheels are made with proper support to keep your feet balanced and comfortable throughout the day. Also, its common for ladies to squeeze their feet into heels to make them look smaller

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When you have the shoe size and style right, it's time to think about cushioning. Many fashion shoes come with less-than-adequate cushioning on the area you need it most: right under the ball of your foot. Especially when you're wearing heels, which shifts your weight fully onto the ball of your foot, ample cushioning will help your feet stay comfy. If your shoes don't have enough, consider adding some with a shoe insert. A brand called Foot Petals makes Tip Toes ($6.95), a flower-shaped insert that provides great cushioning.

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When it comes to looking stylish, nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heels. Heels make your legs look longer, your body look slimmer, and your whole outfit just a little more polished. Unfortunately, for many women, they also make your feet hurt something awful! Thank shoe designers' propensity for pointy toes, spindly heels, and narrow silhouettes for your aching post-heel feet. And while according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, you should get rid of any shoes that cause any discomfort, the fashionista in you likely finds that hard to comply with

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