Oct 5, 2011

Simple Nail Art


Simple nail art designs can be done at your home. There are many different shop that provide all kind of products for your nails design so that you can make almost anything with and on them. Beside that for the simplicity of simple nail art designs many women do it at home. Nails designs were used to make a fashion statement for a long time in the past, For this style we need to take a white polish first and need to paint entire area with it. After that yellow polish needed and with it we need to polish the tips of the nails designs. Then when it becomes dry we need a green polish and in the lower part of fingernail we need to make two small leaves. That is the procedure. There are few simpler patterns and shapes available in latest style trend. Such as geometric, cute ,dramatic is perfect example of different things that you can do


borrowed a book on simple nail art designs, which contained almost hundred photos of incredibly colorful, unique and easy to make designs for my nails designs. It was not long ago, when I talked to my friend who is a manicurist and she told me that women are just crazy about nail designs lately. They all want colorful and modern designs, made with pink, fuchsia, turquoise, yellow and red nail polish color, some want designs made in blue, black and white color, while the others want very simple, but beautiful nail designs. She also told me, that there is no need she would do nail designs for my nails, since I am very creative and she was sure I can make some very simple nail art designs by myself


If I go for the last option, all I will have to buy is a quality base and also a clear top coat, a brush with a very thin tip and that is it! Since I already have a couple of nail polish in my drawer, I can start making my nails art designs right away. Since I found these three lovely photos of simple nail art designs, I wanted to share them with you and there is a big chance I will make a lady bug nail art designs