Nov 5, 2011

Sinful San Francisco

Hi all!

How are you all today? The week is in half, so it's only two working days 'till weekend.. Yay! I hope I have more time on my hands the next couple of days, because I picked up my new car yesterday! Yay! It saves me time in public transport (I save about 2 hours a day!) so I hope I can do some better posts.

Today I have Sinful Colors San Francisco for you. It's a drugstore brand in the US, but I got this in a CP with my RBL's. Sinful Colors is not too easy to find here in The Netherlands, though there are some places to buy their polishes online, besides eBay.

Sinful Colors San Francisco, four coats. San Francisco is a green jellylike polish, that leans more to lime green than to forest green (although it's not lime green.. Anyway, I'm getting carried away). The color is actually greener; more yellow and less green. Somehow my camera messed the color up a little. Anyhow, this is four coats. It's a bit much, but I really like the look of this polish. It has a similar finish as China Glaze Emerald Sparkle with shimmery and glittery parts sunk into the jelly. The glitter in Emerald Sparkle is more dense though.

Let's take a closer look at the finish!

Pretty huh? I really like this polish, although it takes four coats to be opaque. The application was ok, the polish was a bit watery but nothing unmanagable.

What do you think of San Francisco? What other polished from Sinful Colors do you recommend?

Thanks for stopping by!

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