Dec 24, 2011

MAC Venomous Villains Nail Lacquers

Yay! I finally have the MAC's Venomous Villains Nail Lacquers done today (2 months late). I know its all absolutely sold out now and that evil eBay is having it for prices beyond imaginable.

I spent quite a lot of money on this collection. Being that I absolutely love Disney, and of course MAC. Them collaborating is like me having a dream come true! Below is everything that I bought from the collection. I do not regret spending money on these because I love the colors and everything. My wallet wasn't happy though, but that's OK xD

Anyway, here are the swatches of the nail lacquers:

Formidable is a plum-ish base with blue and pink flecks of shimmer. Yes very similar to Orly's Galaxy Girl

Mean & Green is a brownish green base with purple and golden shimmer. And yes very similar to Orly's Space Cadet

Bad Fairy is a red shimmer with hints of gold and orangey shimmer

As you can see, Bad Fairy is the only one worth buying since Formidable and Mean & Green have dupes. What I wished they did was slap on Maleficient's picture on the polish bottle like they did with the Hello Kitty's. That would've made the polish more special and unique. They were all under three coats and application was pretty good. Had no problems.