Jan 2, 2012

Glamorous ARTDECO Noblesse Cosmetics Collection

Graceful, stylish and highly elegant, the new collection of glamorous ARTDECO ennobles the entire phenomenon. The new products of cosmetic range is available in gold, silver, and exquisite color shades, laced with glitter and fine particles of shimmer. Every beauty case for personal treasure looks like a majestic magic.


The basis for a smashing performance sets the Eyeshadow Base. It has a neutral color primer to prevent the settling of eye shadow in eyelid crease. It helps in reducing redness with bisabolol and protects better with vitamin E. The eye shadow can be applied more easily and is ideal for contact lens wearers.

Get a festive touch to receive the eye make-up with this fragrance free Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner. Fine gold or silver glitter is incorporated into a gel texture and can be evenly applied with brush.

AD_Quadrobox_Lidschattenartdeco liquid eyeliner2

Three Highlighter and Eye Shadow Powder contains elegant Mirror box with Glamorous Highlighters. Their noble Boudoir design found again on powder inside gives a shimmering relief. The apricot shade is an ideal highlighter, while brown and purple shades emphasize the eye make-up in an expressive way.

A balanced combination of shimmering and sparkling glitter particles brings Glam Stars Lipstick on lips. Its specially prepared waxes provide exceptional brilliance of color and creamy texture can be applied very comfortably. It contains Vitamin E, lanolin and mineral oil, as it’s super ingredients.


The Ceramic Nail Lacquer coats the nails with beads of gold, silver, lilac, pink, and rose shades. It has patented ceramic particles and special polymers, giving a long-lasting shine and is more resistance.

The Glam Stars Glitter Spray Nobel provides a finished look. Sprayed from about 30 cm distance, it gives fine particles of glitter in gold or silver skin and hair, with a royal splendor.