Jan 9, 2012

Nubar Iris Dust

Hi all!

How are you all doing? Surviving the week so far? I'm so damn tired since we have summertime (last sunday). My whole biological clock is screwed up! So I'll make it a relatively short post again, sorry about that. I have Nubar Iris Dust for you today. I have had her for quite a while now and I've worn her before, but I had serious shrinkage with Seche Vite before I could take pics. So here she is!

Nubar Iris Dust, four coats in daylight. Iris Dust is a quite sheer, but very pretty duochrome that flashes between dark, faded pink and bronze. I'd say you can best layer this over another color, since I still have VNL with those four coats. I think I would have liked her even more if the bronze was darker, but that's just me :)

The polish structure is quite thin, making it sheer. Drying time is quite long, but this is caused by the many layers I put on my nails before taking these pics. I didn't have issues with application whatsoever though.

What do you think of Iris Dust? Do you like duochromes as much as I do? It's just fascinating to see the colors change on my nails. What's your favorite duochrome?

Thanks for stopping by!