Jun 23, 2011

Party Nail Art 2010

When you are getting ready for a night of club-hopping or going to a friendly house party, your dress won’t be the only thing on display. You can bet your party nails will be in the spotlight as well. Red is a great nail color for evening wear in clothes and as a party nails style. If you are planning to wear red satin party dress or one that has a satin band or bow, a shimmery red nail lacquer with a slightly blue undertone looks simply amazing.
Party Nail Art
Party Nail Art 2010
Metallic party nail styles are popular, with silver being used more than gold. If you are wearing silver shoes, silver party nails are a great choice. Iridescent pearl nail lacquer is a very feminine look especially when paired with pearl jewelry.
Party Nail Art Design
Party Nail Art 2010
If you simply adore gold, but want a more subtle look that pure gold color, using a gold glitter top coat can add the touch of magic you want. This party nail style works with almost any base coat color and because it’s has a transparent base it doesn’t mask the color; it simply gives it more shine and star power. The other benefit is that it helps your manicure last longer.
Fancy French manicures such as the angled chevron design in two contrasting colors can make a little black dress stand out from the crowd and you can steal the show in the party nail fashion show with creative use of crystals or nail art decals to top off your manicure.